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Tinkertown’s “Back to Nature Update” Adds Fishing, Farming, Cooking & more, Plus Additional Languages

The game now supports German, French, English and simpl. Chinese

23 April 2021

Our popular open-world multiplayer adventure RPG, Tinkertown, received a huge content update today.

In addition to additional languages (French, German and simpl. Chinese), the “Back to Nature update" adds many new "farm-tastic" features: players will finally be able to harvest crops and trees, go fishing and cook delicious meals! Those meals will also bring new buffs that make you harder, better, faster and stronger. (But beware! Enemies can weaken you with their own debuffs now, too!)

Tinkertown is funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure as part of the federal government's computer games funding program with a total of €153,669.

Patch Notes:

  • New feature: Fishing! (Find and catch various types of fish!)
  • Plants can now grow and yield crops!
  • Added new types of plantable trees
  • Added new types of crops
  • Added new crafting station: Stove and oven!
  • Added over 20 new recipes
  • Added new potions with various effects
  • Food and potions can now grant various types of buffs
  • Re-balanced some recipes
  • Re-balanced some types of enemies
  • Minor bug fixes
  • New weapon upgrades
  • New languages added: Simplified Chinese, French and German
Check out Tinkertown on Steam!

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3D Runner Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield Arriving for Consoles and PC on May 19

Run for your life through a futuristic Tokyo-style Detroit while a dope-tastic soundtrack gets you in the flow!

15 April 2021 We're happy to announce the release date of Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield, a highly stylized narrative 3D runner game for Xbox Series X|S, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC on May 19, 2021.

This is not your typical “runner” game! Run, jump, slide and dash through a futuristic Tokyo-styled Detroit to a head-bopping soundtrack while Wally, the protagonist, attempts to save what’s left of the world.

Stay up-to-date by following Aerial_Knight on Twitter and Discord.

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Narrative Puzzle Adventure Scarlet Hood and the Wicked Wood Out Now for PC, Mac and Linux

A Vibrant Adventure with Many Twists and Turns, Inspired by Brothers Grimm

08 April 2021 We are celebrating the official release of Scarlet Hood and the Wicked Wood for SteamGOG and the Epic Games Store today. The game is now available for PC, Mac and Linux platforms for 14.99 USD / 14.99 € / 11.99 GBP with 15% discount at launch.
Scarlet Hood and the Wicked Wood is a light-hearted puzzle solving adventure with many twists and turns. Developed by Devespresso, renowned for their signature hand-illustrated graphics and the popular ‘The Coma’ series and ‘Vambrace: Cold Soul’, the game features unique branching story paths with several endings and recurring time loop (think Groundhog Day).
Scarlet, an aspiring singer, is caught in a powerful tornado, and wakes up in the mysterious realm of Glome - a lush, vibrant world brimming with magic, beauty, and artifacts from a bygone culture. There she meets a hapless Munchkin caravan who depend on her for guidance through the perilous Wicked Wood, guarded by the cantankerous witch, LeFaba. To help them, Scarlet must take on the mantle of the Red Witch and learn to wield the powerful Womping Stick. While she may be completely outmatched, Scarlet soon learns a recursion hex has her reliving the same day. Can she use her newfound powers and the knowledge gained from her previous lives to outwit LeFaba and lead the troupe to safety?
The Deluxe Edition of the game will come with two digital artbooks - one containing illustrations and in-game art, the other featuring a photography from the making of Scarlet Hood’s live-action trailer. This package will also include the game’s original jazz soundtrack. The Deluxe Edition is available for 17.61 USD / 17.61 € / 14.09 GBP.
Scarlet Hood and the Wicked Wood is available in nine languages; English, Korean, German, French, Ukrainian, Russian, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and Spanish.

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The dark and mysterious short story 'The Fabled Woods' Opened Its Tortuous Paths on Steam

DLSS and new ray-tracing tech by NVIDIA create an outstanding narrative first person experience

25 March 2021 Together with developer CyberPunch Studios we are thrilled to announce that The Fabled Woods is out now on Steam. It is a dark and mysterious narrative short story played in the first person perspective.

The game is available now on Steam and on the Epic Games Store at a price of $14.44, €14.44 and £11.89, and includes the game's art book (called “the Notebook”) as well as its atmospheric soundtrack.

In close cooperation with NVIDIA for support in technical regards, and by the help of Pumpkin Jack's developer Nicolas Meyssonnier in terms of effects and lighting, The Fabled Woods features striking visuals and an intriguing story with many twists and turns. The use of DLSS provides for a significant performance boost enabled by NVIDIA’s recently-released Unreal Engine 4 DLSS plugin. In addition, the game features RTX Global Illumination as well as ray-traced foliage, shadows and reflections.
“Our goal was to launch the first game that can handle ray-tracing foliage with over 1 million instances and good performance." explains the developer Joe Bauer. "All the trees cast ray-traced shadows and there are ray-traced reflections in all the water you can find in the woods.”

For even more info about the game, please check the game's Community Hub on Steam, watch the new release trailer or follow The Fabled Woods on Twitter and Discord.

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HEADUP PARTY SALE Now Live on Steam!

19 March 2021

Great news for all the discount hunters among your readers: We just kicked off the massive Headup PARTY SALE on Steam, bringing indie fans discounts to 99% of our whole portfolio!

Even the newest titles are reduced now; for example, the eerie 3D platformer Pumpkin Jack, the strategic zombie roguelike Dead Age 2 (both 40% off), and our first inhouse production the cheerful 16-bit sandbox adventure RPG Tinkertown with 33% off! You can find a complete discount overview below.

In connection with the sale, we also happily present five new Demos of yet unreleased games:

All discounts at a glance - enjoy:
  40%   Dead Age 2
  40%   Pumpkin Jack
  33%   Tinkertown
  77%   The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia
  75%   Bridge Constructor Portal
  75%   Everreach: Project Eden
  75%   Outbuddies DX
  75%   Silver Chains
  75%   Trüberbrook
  66%   The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters
  40%   Bridge Constructor The Walking Dead
  50%   Colt Canyon
  85%   Dead Age
  80%   Pixel Heroes: Byte and Magic
  80%   The Inner World
  80%   The Inner World Bundle
  77%   Windscape
  75%   Bridge Constructor Bundle
  75%   Bridge Constructor Stunts
  75%   Dead End Job
  75%   Earth Atlantis
  75%   SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell
  75%   The Coma: Recut
  75%   Vambrace Cold Soul
  70%   Doodle Derby
  66%   Slime-san: Super Slime Edition
  60%   Slime-san Deluxe Edition
  90%   Hero Defense
  90%   Trapped Dead
  90%   Trapped Dead Lockdown
  90%   Trapped Dead Lockdown 4-Pack
  80%   Arson & Plunder: Unleashed
  80%   Bunker Constructor
  80%   Deadly 30
  80%   Dub Dash
  80%   Fill Up!
  80%   Future Wars
  80%   Game Royale 2
  80%   Greed Black Border
  80%   Grotesque Tactics 2 Dungeons and Donuts
  80%   Grotesque Tactics Complete Pack
  80%   Grotesque Tactics Evil Heroes
  80%   Holy Avatar Vs Maidens of the Dead
  80%   Looterkings
  80%   Meridian: New World
  80%   Meridian: New World Contributor Pack
  80%   Meridian: Squad 22
  80%   Onikia - Demon Killer
  80%   Onikira - Demon Killer Contributor’s Pack
  80%   Onikira - Demon Killer Contributor’s Pack Up
  80%   Race.a.bit
  80%   Runes
  80%   Shiny The Firefly
  80%   Skilltree Saga
  80%   Solar Shifter EX
  80%   Soulcraft
  80%   Sunny Hillride
  80%   Super Treasure Arena
  80%   Trapped Dead 4 Pack
  80%   Tristoy
  80%   Trulon: The Shadow Engine
  75%   Bridge Constructor
  75%   Bridge Constructor Medieval
  75%   Bridge Constructor Playground
  75%   Safety First!
  75%   Super Blackjack Battle 2 Turbo Edition
  70%   Viking Rage
  60%   Krypt Crawler

Update your games now!
  70%   SEUM: The Drunk Side of the Moon DLC
  60%   Bridge Constructor Portal Proficiency DLC
  60%   Bridge Constructor Trains - Expansion Pack
  60%   Slime-san: Creator DLC
  60%   Slime-san: Blackbird's Kraken
  60%   Slime-san: Sheeple's Sequel
  40%   The Coma 2: DLC Beach Bum Skin
  40%   The Coma 2: DLC Gamer Girl Skin
  40%   The Coma 2: DLC Local Celeb Skin
  40%   The Coma 2: DLC Mina Model Student Skin
  40%   The Coma 2: Mina - Locks of Love Skin
  40%   The Coma 2: Mina - Summer Child Skin
  40%   The Coma 2: Mina - Winter Princess Skin
  40%   The Coma 2: Mina School Bully Skin
  40%   The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters DLC Artbook

And for the soundtrack lovers:
  80%   Meridian: New World Video and OST
  70%   SEUM: Speedrunners From Hell OST
  70%   Solar Shifter EX OST
  70%   The Coma: Recut - OST and Art Pack
  70%   The Inner World OST
  70%   The Textorcist: OST
  70%   Vambrace Cold Soul OST
  50%   Colt Canyon OST
  50%   Meridian: Squad 22 - OST
  50%   Pixel Heroes: Byte and Magic OST
  50%   Slime-san Official OST
  40%   Cardaclysm OST
  40%   Dead Age 2 OST
  40%   The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters OST
  20%   Pumpkin Jack OST
The Headup Party Sale will last until next Friday (March 26).

Happy bargain hunting and have a great weekend!
Your Team Headup

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Exciting DLSS and Ray Tracing Features Announced for The Fabled Woods

17 March 2021 March 18, Cologne – In close cooperation with NVIDIA, Headup is pleased to announce significant tech enhancements for CyberPunch Studios’ upcoming adventure game The Fabled Woods for PC.
With implementing DLSS by using the Unreal Engine 4 plug ‘n’ play plugin, NVIDIA graphic cards such as the GeForce RTX 3070 and up will enable the narrative short story with maxed out settings and all ray tracing effects enabled at over 60 FPS at 3840x2160.

Adding NVIDIA DLSS to The Fabled Woods was easy thanks to the Unreal Engine 4 plugin, and the impact it makes on performance is substantial.” adds Joe Bauer, Founder CyberPunch Studios. “With the Unreal Engine 4 plugin, adding DLSS to The Fabled Woods was a no-brainer; it really opens DLSS up to a whole new world of developers.
Besides the performance boost in terms of FPS, The Fabled Woods also features enhanced ray-traced foliage, reflections, and shadows. Joe explains: “Our goal was to launch the first game that can handle Ray Tracing foliage with over 1 million instances and good performance. All the trees cast Ray Traced shadows and there are Ray Traced reflections in all the water you can find in the woods.” It is also the second game worldwide that uses RTX Global Illumination.
For even more info about the game’s tech, please check Joe’s detailed explanations on Steam. But first, check the all-new RTX Reveal Trailer.

Keep up to date by following The Fabled Woods on Twitter, joining the Discord channel and Steam.

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Outbuddies DX, a Love Letter to Classic Metroid Games, Is Coming to PS4 in Late March

Explore a mysterious world deep below the ocean in this otherworldly Lovecraftian adventure

17 March 2021 Headup is delighted to announce that Outbuddies DX, a pixelated 2D adventure game in the spirit of the classic ‘Metroid’, is coming to PS4 on March 31. It was created by developer Julian Laufer over the course of seven years, and first released on PC. Fans of the genre can look forward to a feature-packed adventure with several hours of exploration, deadly enemies including gigantic bosses, and a helpful and ever-trustworthy robot sidekick.

Set deep in the Ocean and infested with hostile Lovecraftian creatures as well as lethal environmental hazards, you must dash, dodge, and blast through Bahlam, a danger-filled sunken fortress of the Old Gods. By deploying the robotic unit Buddy, you manipulate and scout the surroundings through hacking, scanning and telekinesis. That way you discover various ancient weapon systems and gear upgrades to battle through a gigantic sunken labyrinth. The local co-op mode allows a second player to control Buddy with an expanded tool set, perfectly suited for co-operational speed-runs.
Outbuddies DX offers a nonlinear gear-based progression system for both combat and level-layouts. Selecting weapons from the four-tier upgradeable system, as well as memorization of attack patterns and split-second reflexes are essential to stand a chance against an onslaught of unforgiving bosses and to escape Bahlam’s hostile maze. Outbuddies DX’ unique atmosphere is supported by OGRE’s thematic soundtrack written as an ode to the 16-bit Megadrive/Genesis era.

Based on the feedback from core-speedrunners and Metroid enthusiasts since the game‘s PC release, Outbuddies DX now offers a variety of new features added to the well-received original as well as vastly improved visuals.

For more information, tune into the game’s trailer and follow Headup on Twitter or Discord for more details.

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Tactical Rogue-like Zombie Survival Game Dead Age 2 Out Now on Steam and GOG

Are you ready to rebuild the world? Get ready for the zombie apocalypse with a twist!

12 March 2021 Toagther with developer Silent Dreams we proudly announce the release of tactical rogue-like Zombie survival game Dead Age 2 on Steam and GOG today.

The game is now available for $17.99, €17.99 and £14.99, with a 40% discount for the first week at $10.79, €10.79 and £8.99! 

Dead Age 2 arrives with an all-new story of human survival in a world torn asunder by a terrifying zombie onslaught. Survival at its core, Dead Age 2 blends  resource management and role-playing with elements of rogue-like gameplay and turn based combat. Exploring through a land of horrors, every decision made on resource management and combat engagement will ultimately lead  to one of six unique endings.

New features, including an all-new story, and a new free-to-explore open-world map with over 80 locations were added to the game. The base is now upgradeable in 3D, with the introduction of new vehicles and an advanced combat system designed to satisfy your zombie smashing cravings.

Check out the official Steam or GOG page, the Discord channel or Headup’s Twitter page. Tweets are much appreciated!