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Headup Announces a PC Release Date for Their First-Person Survival Platformer ‘Escape from Naraka’

Get ready to speed through a labyrinthian Balinese temple on July 29th with the Steam demo available to play now!

22 June 2021 Headup today announced that their upcoming first-person survival platformer, Escape from Naraka, will be released on Steam on July 29th. Excited fans can get a first taste of Naraka’s exotic atmosphere in the Steam Next Fest demo which is available for one more day. If you are fast enough, you can win valuable Chroma peripheral prizes from Razer for playing – more info is available here.

When the game releases, you will be able to compete with other players on the global Steam leaderboards - every level and every whole run will be recorded, so you can compare your times with other players around the world. And of course, the full version will feature full Razer Chroma support too, providing an additional layer of atmosphere. 

Escape from Naraka combines Balinese legends and mythology with strong influences from games like SEUM: Speedrunners from HellDark Deception, and DOOM. Speeding through a labyrinthian temple filled with Balinese mythology, trials, and traps makes for a unique platforming experience. The development team used real Balinese artifacts and 3D scanning technology to add the depth of Bali’s rich history to the game’s world.
For more information, check out the official Twitter page and feel free to discuss the game with the developers on DiscordPlay the demo now and wishlist to not miss out when the game releases!

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Steam Next Fest Debuts New Demos for White Shadows, Industria, Escape from Naraka, Lost At Sea, and Gigapocalypse!

16 June 2021 With Steam Next Fest starting today and running through June 22nd, PC gamers are invited to get a hands-on preview with several of Headup’s upcoming titles. This will be the first time most of these games have been playable to both the press and public!
Headup’s Steam Next lineup will include demos for the monochromatic dark fantasy puzzle platformer White Shadows; the alternate history FPS INDUSTRIA; the surreal explorative first-person mystery Lost at Sea; the Kaijū-based action game Gigapocalypse; and the first-person platformer Escape from Naraka.

For more information, here’s a breakdown of each title:

White Shadows
White Shadows is an impressionistic, monochromatic puzzle platformer set in a dark, strange, and violent world. Play as the young Ravengirl trying to escape the shadowy metropolis in search of the legendary Tin Town, where the last free people live.

Set in an alternate history East Berlin shortly before the end of the Cold War, INDUSTRIA is a surreal first-person shooter. On the evening of the fall of the Berlin Wall, a young woman plunges headlong into a parallel dimension to find her missing colleague who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Escape from Naraka
Featuring actual Balinese artifacts recreated with 3D scanning technology, Escape from Naraka is a first-person survival platformer inspired by Balinese mythology, and a parkour-based platformer unlike any other. Just by playing you’ll automatically join a competition to win valuable Chroma peripheral prizes from Razer being offered to the top player!

Lost At Sea
Lost At Sea is a surreal first-person adventure about reclaiming your memories on the open water. Explore an island, where every biome represents a phase of your life. Face your primeval fears and take stock of your life through imaginative puzzles and fantastical scenery.

Become a customizable giant monster in Gigapocalypse. Inspired by classical Kaijū affairs like GodzillaKing Kong, and Rampage, Gigapocalypse lets you control a giant Kaijū-inspired monster and destroy EVERYTHING in your way, all while listening to fist-pumping heavy metal music!

Enjoy these demos - and don’t forget to wishlist them if you’re interested in seeing more! Also, feel free to share your experience with us on Twitter and discuss the games on our Discord channel!

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Gigapocalypse Announced, a 2D Retro Action Destruction Game for PC

Become superior and destroy EVERYTHING this summer!

27 May 2021 We're thrilled to announce Gigapocalypse for PC, and the collaboration with solo-developer Goody Gameworks. Gigapocalypse is a 2D pixel art destruction game in which you can relive your childhood memories!

Every fan of the early days’ video game classic “Rampage” (and also of “Godzilla” and “King Kong”) should pay attention now: As a giant Kaijū-inspired monster – the so-called “Gigas” - you’re going to leave a pixelated trail of destruction in a variety of differently themed locations, accompanied by pumping heavy metal songs to make sure your destruction comes in style:

Try – die – repeat: With each run your Giga will become more powerful until you reach the boss enemy in each location. The further you get in a level and the more you destroy the more mutation points you will get. Use the mutation points to upgrade your Giga with powerful mutations, skills, skins or even up to five cute yet evil pets at the same time which accompany you on your journey. You can even take care of your Giga in Tamagotchi-style mini games and decorate your Giga´s “home” with cool stuff that will also improve your Giga and make them more menacing.

Gigapocalypse will be released into Steam Early Access in summer 2021. The full game will feature nine different Gigas, each with their unique distinctive abilities and six beautifully detailed pixel style locations based on earth's historical and future timeline.

You can try a demo of Gigapocalypse at the Steam Next Fest on June 16thWishlist now on Steam!

Also, feel free to check out the game’s Twitter page and discuss with the developer on Discord.

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Headup Announces ‘Escape from Naraka’, a First-person Survival Platformer for PC

Speed through a labyrinthine temple packed with Balinese mythology, trials, traps, and deadly enemies

26 May 2021 Headup is thrilled to announce the fast-paced first-person survival platformer, Escape from Naraka, which will make its way to PC in Q3 2021. It is developed by the Indonesian developer team Xelo Games, with a soundtrack created by Yohan Jager, known for his great work for Pumpkin Jack.

Escape from Naraka combines Balinese legends and mythologies with strong influences from games like SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell, DOOM, and Dark Deception. As you can see from the trailer, that makes for a very special experience:

The game puts you in a nightmarish, labyrinthine temple dominated by an evil demon called Rangda the Leyak Queen. Using 3D scan technology for world-building; most of the detailed environment assets in the game exist in real life.

To save your beloved one, you’re going to platform your way through diversely themed platforming sections, each one challenging you with new deadly trials as well as traps and terrifying enemies. Developing the arts of dodging and perfect placed jumping is just one part of your successful escape. You also need to collect essential abilities and find the fastest way through the courses.

Compete with other players in the global Steam leaderboards - every level and every whole run will be recorded, so you can compare your records with those from other players around the world.

Wishlist and follow on Steam to receive a reminder for the upcoming Steam Next Fest demo on June 16th. Also, feel free to check out Twitter and discuss the game with the developers on Discord. We also recommend checking out this part from last week’s AHEAD live stream.

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Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit Headup Signs Its Next Point & Click Adventure

Headup’s next adventure hit for PC, following Trüberbrook and The Inner World

25 May 2021 After the success of The Inner World and Trüberbrook, Headup announced Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit, their next beautifully hand-painted point & click adventure. Developed by the Lithuanian team Tag of Joy and led by the art director of Broken Sword 2.5, the game will take the players to a vivid modern Europe, zesting for life. The game will be released for PC, Mac, and Linux in 2022.
The story follows a girl from Chicago, Milda, who unexpectedly receives an inheritance from her grandfather – a house in Lithuania. She sets off to Europe, but an unknown stranger threatens her upon arrival, demanding that she give up her inheritance. Determined and intrigued, she explores the run-down house, discovering old documents and clues dating back to the 15th century. In no time, Milda gets dragged into a dangerous search for a long-lost mysterious relic.

The tech behind the game
In Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit, we use 2D hand-painted backgrounds that we project on a 3D world and blend them with 3D characters”, says game director Šarūnas Ledas. “As challenging as it may be, this allows having various visual effects in the game: smart lighting effects, real-time shadows, 3D depth effects (parallax), which react to the cursor's and the main character's positions in the scenes.” What’s more, many of the scenes in the game have various perspectives and camera angles, from traditional side view to top-down.

If you like to learn more about the game directly from the developers, you’re welcome to check out this part from last week’s AHEAD live stream. And of course, there is an announcement trailer, too:

Wishlist now, and stay up to date by following Crowns and Pawns on Twitter and Discord!


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Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield Releases Today and Is Headliner of the Very First AHEAD Live Stream Event

Run faster with the fancy illumination support of SteelSeries GameSense and get the dope-tastic soundtrack for your smartphone or HiFi-system now

19 May 2021

The 3D Runner Aerial_Knight's Never Yield, created by Neil "Aerial_Knight" Jones, will be released today for PCNintendo SwitchXbox Series X|SXbox One, as well as PS5 and PS4. The price on each of these platforms will be $ 11.99, € 11.99, and £ 9.99 with a 10% launch discount on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam, Epic Game Store). The game will leverage Smart Delivery for Xbox platforms and Cross-Buy for PS5 and PS4.

SteelSeries GameSense Support

As one of the first games, Aerial_Knight's Never Yield is supported by SteelSeries GameSense, which can make your keyboard, mouse, and headset light up in fancy colorful ways, making Wally’s run even more enjoyable! Check out the pictures below, and you’ll immediately know what we’re talking about! More info on Steam.

Soundtrack available now on several music platforms

The last time we told you will be able to get the game’s soundtrack on vinyl, but that was only half the truth: You can now pre-order the vinyl, but you can also get the soundtrack on several digital platforms. Please find the complete list here:

Headup’s Very First AHEAD Live Stream Event Launches Today

Headup’s first official live streaming event called "AHEAD" will take place later today. Together with several developers, we’re going to celebrate the release of Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield, and introduce three exciting new masterpieces. We will also update you with more information and some release dates on the story-driven FPS Industria, the narrative adventure Lost At Sea, and our open-world sandbox game Tinkertown.

Tune in to AHEAD later today at 11 AM PST / 2 PM EST / 8 PM CEST on TwitchYouTubeSteam, or FB Gaming and share some indie love via Twitter!  ❤️

Microsoft’s Independent Developers Publishing Program supported the development process of Aerial_Knight's Never Yield. Stay up to date by following Aerial_Knight on Twitter and Discord.


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3D Runner Aerial_Knight's Never Yield Is Coming to Xbox One and PS4, too!

Owners of PC, Nintendo Switch and next-gen consoles won't be the only gamers to enjoy the upcoming 3D narrative runner game

04 May 2021

Headup announced that the upcoming 3D Runner Aerial_Knight's Never Yield will be available for Xbox One and PS4 owners, too. Until now, the game from Neil "Aerial_Knight" Jones was announced for Xbox Series X|S, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC only, with its release date on May 19th.

Aerial_Knight's Never Yield will be available on May 19, 2021. It will feature cross-buy for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One as well as PS5 / PS4. It will also be available for Nintendo Switch and PC you'll find a demo on the Nintendo eShop (NA / EU) as well as on the game's Steam page. Stay up-to-date by following Aerial_Knight on Twitter and Discord!

The development process of Aerial_Knight's Never Yield was supported by Microsoft’s Independent Developers Publishing Program.

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Card Combat RPG Cardaclysm Received a Massive Content-Update

The Whole Experience was Drastically Improved

29 April 2021 It's time for another round of Cardaclysm as its developer Ede Tarsoly used all the user feedback we gathered since the game’s release and revised a lot of elements:

The user interface received a big overhaul in many parts, there’s a new tutorial, new filter- and search functions, better balancing (in several respects) and even more loot in general!  ????

Sounds good, right? You can check out the update now, and even save money if you're going to buy it: To celebrate the update we lowered the price by 50% for 7 days!

Read the full change log here!