Symphonia is a 2D musical platformer developed by the team at Sunny Peak and set for release on PC and console by Headup in 2024. Symphonia is set in a world where music, and your instrument, is the key to everything. 

In the game, you’ll play as Philemon, a birdlike character who is a violin virtuoso on a journey to re-awaken the realm of Symphonia. With violin and bow in hand, you’ll jump, bounce, and explore a poetic world and activate the machinery of the realm to bring it back to life. A completely non-violent experience, the game integrates music into every element, from the gameplay and hand-drawn art to the mechanisms controlling the game world.


  • A hand-drawn world of beauty and wonder where music and instruments are at the core of everything
  • Non-violent platformer-style gameplay where your main tool is your violin and bow
  • Play the violin to activate ancient mechanisms, bring life to the scenery, and ultimately awaken Symphonia's slumbering core.
  • Explore four realms and their hidden secrets. Each area is dedicated to an instrument family with its gameplay elements and unique look.

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