Screw Drivers

Technical creations mix with crazy physics and high-speed races in Screw Drivers! Craft custom vehicles — powered by combustion, electricity, or both, coupled with axles, gears, and suspensions to propel them. With an intuitive build editor at your fingertips, unleash your creativity! Engage in challenges against pompous royals, each featuring unique mechanical marvels, and triumph against them to unlock their unique vehicle parts. Race with friends in multiplayer, embarking on adventures across an island where thrilling races and competitions await, all fueled by turbo-powered creations and boundless imagination. Steam Workshop integration lets you play and share your creations, allowing anyone to jump into the action by downloading shared vehicles to start racing immediately!


  • Build, race, improve: Start by building your vehicle from the provided toolkit and parts collection, then race to win against others in single- and multiplayer modes to unlock new parts to improve your creations!
  • A technical toolkit: The game features a massive toolkit of parts and an easy-to-use design editor for building your car from the drivetrain up! Whether it's four wheels or 40, it's up to you, but you'll need to figure out how to power that mighty mega-drivetrain by selecting the right engine for the job.
  • Single-player story mode: The island's racing royalty (the Kings and Queens) think they have the ultimate racing machines. Prove them wrong by racing against them in story mode, unlocking their custom parts for your designs. 
  • Multiplayer mode: Jump online and race your favorite creations against other drivers!
  • Explosive physics: Sometimes, it's more fun to crash than to win! Watch cars explode into their component pieces when taking a turn a little too tight or by playing a little more "demolition derby"-style with other players. A wreck never means you're out of the race, as you can quickly re-assemble and get back on the track. 

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